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750ml Universal Primer Sealer International

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Universal Primer Sealer is ideal for sealing very porous surfaces. By sealing the surface, the topcoat goes that bit further, saving both time and money. Use on porous surfaces such as plaster, plasterboard, concrete, cement, chipboard and softboard. Ideal basecoat for most porous surfaces. Reduces the absorption and improves the coverage of emulsion.

For interior or exterior use.

Product Info:

750ml covers up to 9mē. 2.5 litres covers up to 30mē. Quantities given can only be a guide. Surface conditions may affect the amount of paint and the number of coats needed.

Touch dry in 1 hour. Overcoat in 2 hours.

Prevents excessive absorption

Number of coats: 2

Reduces wastage of topcoats, Overcoat with standard emulsion

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