Plasti-kote Aerosol Gloss Black 400ml

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Plasti-kote Aerosol Gloss Black 400ml
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Plasti-kote Super Spray Paint is simply the finest multi-purpose spray paint available.
Drying Time: Allow to dry for 5 minutes between coats. Touch dry in 10-20 minutes. Thoroughly dry in 30-45 minutes.

Product Info:

Fast drying multi-purpose spray paint

Tough, hard wearing, scratch resistant and can be re-coated anytime

UV absorbent, water resistant, protects against rust, and will not fade or yellow

Suitable for any decorative project inside or outside of the home

Surfaces to use on: Wood, Plastic, Metal, Ceramic, Glass, Wicker, Stone, China, Terracotta, Paper Mache, Paper, ABS, Masonry, Aluminum, Fiberglass, Iron and Steel

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