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Tough Weedkiller Total Clear Resolva £7.99

Tough Weedkiller Total Clear Resolva

Only £7.99

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Super-strength weedkiller specially formulated to get rid of really tough weeds such as brambles, nettles, bracken, ground elder, thistles, and many others.
Simply mix the concentrate with water and spray on your weeds. A 200 ml bottle treats up to 500 metres squared, so this product is ideal if you have a large area to treat.

The active ingredient, glyphosate, travels in through the leaf surface and then right throughout the plant and down to the roots to make sure that weeds don't re-grow. It is rainfast in six hours, which means that rain after that time will not reduce effectiveness. The formulation is biodegradable and leaves no residues in the soil.

Always read the label. Use pesticides safely

Product Info:

Super concentate weedkiller

Ideal for large areas


Kills tough weeds and roots

Treats up to 500 mq

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