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Weedol Max 1L £2.49

Only £2.49

Weedol Max 1L

Only £2.49

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Weedol can be used around flowers, shrubs, fruit and vegetables without leaving harmful residues. You can sow seeds as soon as the weedkiller has dried on the weed leaves.
Weedol MAX kills weeds, moss and algae fast. It contains an active ingredient found in nature called 'pelargonic acid' which occurs naturally in many plants. When extracted and concentrated it acts as a powerful weedkiller.

Product Info:

This range of weedkillers works on contact with leaves

The fast action green growth is rapidly destroyed, with weed control in just a few days

The versitile range can be used all round the garden at any time of the year

Weedol is rainproof so weed control is not reduced even with light rainfall

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